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      Company Culture


      企業愿景:興百年企業 建世紀工程
      Enterprise Vision:
      to prosper centennial enterprises,
      and to construct centurial projects


      企業使命:建設美好家園 創造幸福生活
      Enterprise Mission:
      to build beautiful homes and to create happy lives


      企業目標:立足湖北 放眼九州 做一流的建筑企業
      Enterprise Objective:
      basing in Hubei, looking ahead the nation,
      to be a first-class construction company


      企業精神:海闊天空 創新無限 誠實做人 踏實做事
      Enterprise Culture:
      to be as boundless as sea and sky;
      to pursue unlimited innovation;
      to keep being an honest man;
      and to be dependable in work


      經營理念:恪守誠信 擔當責任 突出特色 塑造品牌
      Business Philosophy:
      scrupulously abiding by integrity, taking responsibility,
      focusing on features and moulding brand


      管理理念:制度為上 管理為重 員工為本 項目為先
      Management Philosophy:
      institution is supreme, management is significant,
      staffs are essential and projects are prior


      團隊意識:激揚自我 熔鑄團隊 齊心協力 振興銅建
      Teamwork Consciousness:
      to boost ourselves, to merge the team,
      to make concerted efforts and prosper Tongjian company

      員工心聲:我與銅建共榮辱 銅建與我同發展
      Heartfelt Wishes of staffs:
      we share honor and disgrace with Tongjian company,
      and Tongjian company is flourishing together with us






          After over 50 years of undertaking history and half a century experience of hardship, Daye tongjian who's at middle age has accumulated richly and broken forth vastly and stepped into the stable development track. Looking back at the past, we have reasons to be proud. Looking into the future, it is promising but a long way to go. We will continue to regard "to look ahead the nation and to be a first-class construction company" as our relentless pursuit and to greet opportunities and challenges with determination, perseverance and confidence. Ultimately we are sincerely willing to move forward with partners coming from various directions to build a better future together with you!



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